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Cadet Regulations

Dec 2012
NL(18) Navy League By-Laws Feb 2012
NL(21) Administrative Orders Jan 2016
NL(22) Prevention Polices  
NL(22a) NL Harassment Prevention Policy Summary  
NL(22b) NL Workplace Violence Policy Summary  
NL(22c)   NL Child Abuse Prevention Policy Summary  

Purposes and Objects of

the Navy League of Canada

Feb 2015


Partnership Guide for Branches RCSCC MOU

Oct 2009

Partnership Guide for Divisions RCSCC MOU

Oct 2009
NL(35) Branch Organization Guide Sep 2007
NL(50) Navy League of Canada Communications Guidelines for Branch, Division and Members Mar 2016
NL(64) Relationship Guide - NLC Sep 2013
NL(65) Relationship Guide - RCSC Sep 2013
NL(76) Watercraft Safety Orders Apr 2006
NL(210) Navy League Cadet Officer Terms of Reference Dec 2014
NL(220) NL Cadet Training Standards Sep 2004
NL(221) NL Cadet Workbook (very large file) Sep 2006
NL(222) Recognizing and Dealing with Harassment and Abuse Jun 2008
NL(223) NLC Marksmanship Training Module (See VID Training) Jun 2008
NL(225) NL Drill Manual Feb 2016
NL(226) NL Dress Regulation Feb 2015
NL(230) NLC Officer Training Standards Sep 2004
NL(231) NL Officer Pre-Enrollment Training Package Sep 2004
NL(232) NL Midshipman Level I Training Sep 2004
NL(233) NL Midshipman Level II Training Sep 2004
NL(240) NL Admin HSP Sep 2004
NL(241) NL Supply HSP Sep 2004
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  Backstop Plan  
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