6 Feb 2017

Vancouver Island Division

Navy League of Canada

RCSU Contacts

Position Name Description of Duties Email
CO Cdr David Coulombe Commanding Officer RCSU David.Coulombe@forces.gc.ca
Cox'n CPO1 William Slater   William.Slater@forces.gc.ca
Area OIC LCdr Tracy Terry   Tracy.Terry@forces.gc.ca
Zone Trg O Capt. Ken Russell Zone Training Officer for Victoria (South Island) Ken.Russell@forces.gc.ca
Zone Trg O Lt(N) Mary-Kay Meeker Zone Training Officer for Nanaimo (Mid Island) Mary-Kay.Meeker@forces.gc.ca
Zone Trg O Capt. Carrie Johnston Zone Training Officer for Comox (North Island) Carrie.Johnston@forces.gc.ca
Chief TrgO LCdr Neville Head Chief Training Officer Neville.Head@forces.gc.ca
Sea Trg O Lt(N) Cynthia Lawless Sea Training Plans Cynthia.Lawless@forces.gc.ca
Sail Trg O Lt(N) Kevin Eames Sail Training Officer Kevin.Eames@forces.gc.ca
Trg Sp Coord PO2 Boyd Greeley Training Support Boyd.Greeley@forces.gc.ca
Trg Sp Coord Sgt Nathan Verhoog Training Support Nathan.verhoog@forces.gc.ca