9 July 2018

Vancouver Island Division

Navy League of Canada

Navy League Division Staff

Position Name
Division Commander Cdr(NL) Alex Wilby
Division Administration Officer Cdr(NL) Alex Wilby
Area Cadet Officer North LCdr(NL) Gavin Christensen
Area Cadet Officer South LCdr(NL) Chris Willis
Division Range Safety Officer LCdr(NL) Gavin Christensen
Division Training Officer - Officers LCdr(NL) Chris Willis
Division Training Officer - Cadets LCdr(NL) Kat Dawson
Division Safety/Medical Officer Lt(NL) Randy Muttitt


                        Area Cadet Officer North is responsible for the following Corps:

                                NLCC Armour Ford, NLCC Admiral Yanow, NLCC JP Bell and NLCC William A Somerville


                        Area Cadet Staff Officer South is responsible for the following Corps:

                                NLCC Admiral Rayner, NLCC Admiral RH Falls, NLCC Admiral Girouard and NLCC Admiral Martin